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Welcome to Vampire: The Masquerade on Nox Aeternum. Shortly there will be a survey placed up for potential players to take to determine what sort of game (Camarilla or Sabbat) they would want to participate in this. This survey will affect some rules, in particular creation rules for Kindred and Ghouls alike. Therefore, only some of the house rules will be posted at this time.

Please take this VtM Survey

About the Venue


Books in Use


V20Core.jpg Ghouls and revs.jpg V20Comp.jpg Rites of blood.jpg Lore of clans.jpg Anarchs unbound.jpg Hunters hunted II.jpg
Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Ed V20 Ghouls & Revenants V20 companion V20 Rites of the Blood V20 Lore of the Clans V20 Anarhs Unbound The Hunters Hunted II


Children of the rev.jpg Dust to Dust.jpg Of predatorsand prey.jpg Guide to sabbat rev.jpg Red list.jpg Darkcolony.jpg
V20 children of the Revolution Dust to Dust Of predators and prey: The Hunters Hunted II Anthology Guide to the Sabbat (Revised Ed.) V20 Dread Names, Red List Dark Colony (2nd Ed.)
Canon materials related to Boston
Will require high levels of Lore for Jyhad related information
There will be some canon changes for VtM here at Nox Aeternum


This book will be used for fluff at the very least, however if it will be used for more than that has yet to be decided.

The black hand.jpg
V20 The Black Hand: A Guide to the Tal’Mahe’Ra

House Rules

Character Creation

These rules will not be made public, until the survey (see top of page) has been completed. The reason being, that the rules will change slightly for Sabbat vs. Camarilla based characters.

  • Kindred: Creation rules for vampires are not public yet (see note above)
  • Ghouls: Creation rules for ghouls can be found here - Ghoul Creation Rules
  • Mortals: Creation rules for mortals can be found here - Mortal Creation Rules

Venue Specific Rules

Currently the rules page is under construction but information can be found Here

General House Rules

All venues on Nox Aeternum adhere to the mundane house rules when it pertains to mundane features of the game. Please familiarize yourself with these rules.

Player's resources

Creating a Wiki Page for your Character

Getting started is very easy! First, create a login on the wiki. Then, type your character's name below.

Character Templates

There are wiki character templates for all types of supernatural creatures and humans. Vampires, Ghouls, and Mortals each have their own templates.

VtM Staff

The Team

Are we Hiring?

Until the survey is completed and until PN has an overall idea of what the venue and game will be, we are not hiring. Once PN is in a better position to work out what the venue will look like, then we will be hiring.

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