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Welcome to the Werewolf: the Apocalypse venue on Nox Aeternum! You can find all the official venue content on this Wiki clicking here.

About the Venue[edit]

WtA Setting[edit]


What I should Read Before Going IC?[edit]

We have a category called "Must Read", and as the name suggests, you should be reading it. It's the information you absolutely need to be familiar with before creating a character and going IC. There's also some specialized content we recommend for each type of PC in the venue - for Kinfolk, Garou and Cubs.

System: W20 Edition[edit]

We are using the Werewolf: 20th Anniversary edition as the system for the Venue. We may use published material from other editions for additional content, but this is at the discretion of the venue team. Where any rules or other content in published material is in conflict with other published material, the W20 edition takes precedence. Before using material that only appears in previous editions, please consult with the venue team to make sure it is approved.

Check the list below - these books and the rules contained in them are the basis of our venue's rules:

  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition
  • W20 - Changing Breeds
  • W20 - Umbra: The Velvet Shadow
  • W20 - Rage Across the World
  • W20 - Book of the Wyrm
  • W20 - Kinfolk: A Breed Apart

These books are being used for background and historical content - no rules from these books are in use unless we specify otherwise:

  • W20 - Tribebook: White Howlers
  • W20 - Shattered Dreams
  • Revised - Hammer And Klaive
  • Revised - Rage Across the Heavens
  • Revised - Guardians of Caerns
  • Revised - Tribe Books
  • Revised - Book of the Wyld
  • Revised - Book of the Wyrm
  • Revised - Possessed

House Rules[edit]

Please make sure to read and familiarize yourself with our House Rules, as well as the IC Rules and IC Content.

If you want to read more specific material for your Character Type, we have content categories for Garou, Kinfolk and Cubs.

Guidelines: Character Creation[edit]

Please follow the guidelines for creation for the appropriate character type:

We also have some general creation rules: a guideline for Backgrounds, a list of traits that are banned or restricted, and a guide to traits that are currently over- or under-represented in the venue. In addition, some traits and roles have further restrictions and require additional approval; before considering a special character, you should read this article.

IC Rules and Guides[edit]

After sanctioning, but before going IC, please make sure you are familiar with our IC rules. There are also specific content, as mentioned above, for Garou, Kinfolk and Cubs

Players' Resources[edit]

We encourage players to contribute to our wiki by creating pages for their characters.

Creating a Wiki Page for your Character[edit]

Getting started is very easy! First, create a login on the wiki. Then, type your character's name below.

We strongly suggest that you protect your page to prevent others from editing it. Remember to create a wiki login for yourself first, otherwise you won't be able to edit your page.

Character Templates[edit]

There are wiki character templates for all types of supernatural creatures and humans. Garou and Cubs use the same template, while Kinfolk have their own.

WtA Staff[edit]

The Team[edit]

The current team is composed of four members. The HST is Lumina, and the STs are Rokjok, Katie and Kiira. Feel free to FPM any (or all) of us if you have any questions or requests.

We are Hiring[edit]

More help is never enough. If you want to become a member of the WtA Staff, please, send an FPM with your Application to the entire WtA team and Admin Staff.

Important: WtA Staff members cannot play in the WtA Venue.

How to Contact Us[edit]

You can FPM the team on the forums, or send us an email. If you are having any issues, please start a thread in the WtA Dropbox in the forums.